Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I forgot something!

On Sunday night I said that the weekend was a good start to my summer, but I forgot to mention one very important thing lacking from this weekend that would have made it perfect. I missed out on an event, a weekend-long event with friends. Mikey and I both went to Macalester College, a small liberal arts school in St. Paul, Minnesota (I know, a Californian and an Arizonan meet in the frozen tundra, go figure). The college celebrates reunion every summer and this was our fifth. I feel as though most people focus on the tenth or twentieth, and I'm looking forward to those for sure (although for the sake of my youthful appearance I hope that they don't approach too quickly), but I don't get to see my friends too often and it would have been so nice to hang out with a couple of lovely ladies (you know who you are!) in our old stomping grounds. I have been back since we graduated, but even that was a few years ago and we didn't check out campus too much and I would love to just wander around. It would have been fabulous to go, but with grading and graduation I just couldn't swing it so tenth anniversary here we come!

Other than that, I'm pretty tired tonight and don't think I have much to post. I cleaned and organized and cleaned some more at work today and got home after 7. We had an end of year lunch at work and there was a taco truck; it was delicious! Mike and I had been thinking of having one for the wedding and now I'm kind of sold =) I'll need to go in to work at least one more time to take care of some technology to-dos, but I'm a free woman until Costa Rica. Free, except for the wedding planning, but that's a labor of love ♥. Apart from the nuptial-nesting (do you like my alliteration?) this freedom means running, reading books that I've already read three or four times (I've talked about this habit of mine I think...), watching movies that I've seen several times, maybe reading new books, maybe some of that scrap-booking I mentioned yesterday...the possibilities are kind of limitless! I have not quite realized it yet, though. It takes some time for summer to sink in, for my jaw to unclench (that's where I hold my tension, where do you hold yours?) and school year to fade away. I'll drink to that =)

Anyway, I have no pictures from the day, but imagine yummy tacos and lots of dust from cleaning out shelves in my classroom!

xoxo, natty ♥


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