Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My eyes hurt.

I've graded and written thank you notes and did some running today. I have about three more things to grade in the morning, grades need to be done by 10-ish and then there's a work lunch and then...it's over!

Mine eyes are exhausted, though, from the grading, entering grades on the computer, running in the blustery weather purgatory that we are still in and the note writing. Many things got done, though, and that is great.

Before the grading, I put together a scrapbook page to frame. It's for a coworker in our department who's leaving...hopefully she's not reading this right now! We're giving it to her in the morning, so I should be "ok" ;). I've never really done scrapbooking, except for a little book for mr. Mikey before he left for the Peace Corps, but that was a while ago (four years ago, actually; I can't believe how time flies...). I think that it's something I might like because all of the pretty little notions and gadgets and colorful stickers and paper patterns really appeal to me. However, I have a job and it's expensive, soooo...Although I had previously told myself that it might be something to start when we have kiddos...but then I realized that maybe I could start with our wedding since that's kind of like the beginning and it would be neat to show our children that stuff, but we'll see. Anyway, here's how it came out:
 I "swirled" out the name for privacy; psychedelic!

I liked doing it a lot and could enjoy doing more. I realize it might look a bit blank. Not to worry, the big squares are where we're putting pictures of her and the little shapes are for people to write notes. The sunflowers are because the foundress of the order of nuns that founded our school talked quite a bit about sunflowers so they're very prevalent on campus, both figuratively and literally. I was impeded a bit, though, by this contraption:

It's supposed to deposit adhesive to things. It's like one of those hand-held white-out dispensers. I bought a refill, though, which is only the front half of the dispenser so when I tried to use it the tape that had the adhesive on it had nowhere to go and it just got baaaaad:

I'm up late again (yes, 11 is late to me), despite what I posted yesterday about trying to sleep earlier, but the work is just about over and earlier bed-times and full-on wedding planning can soon commence!

G'night y'all☺
xoxo, natty ♥


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