Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ho hum.

Again, I come to you with not much to report on the home front. I'm taking off today from running because I do that once a week. I also have a sore spot on one shin and time-off is the cure for that...along with some ice. The trouble on these days for me is that I get restless, even if I'm doing stuff, my body can tell that there's a bunch of energy that isn't being used but I need to remind myself that rest is good.
I'm continuing the great scam of summer 2011. Prior to digital, we folk would take pictures with a film camera. Therefore the pictures of me up through parts of college are all actual prints, roaming around the house in boxes and envelopes; some are even in albums. I want to do a sort of project with old pictures of me and the mr for our big day, so I'm scanning them all in so that I can print them out and cut them up to make a collage or something cute. Yesterday I tackled baby shots of yours truly that were conveniently in the hall closet; today, I need to delve into the dank and swampy basement. I suppose its a good thing to do on a day like today, considering that rain is in our forecast (Why, oh weather gods, why???).
I'll leave you with a picture I stumbled upon.
Glory be; I just can't get enough of this pool!

xoxo, natty ♥


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