Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things I love to do and things I don't love to do.

First of all, I decided to get things festive around here. I honestly love holidays and decorating for them but without a little home to call our own {for now!}, I kind of have to let my yearnings subside. In cyberspace though, I am a home blog owner so let the kitschy knickknacks pile up! On a more serious note, I think that Independence Days are great; it's a chance to ponder what independence of any variety entails and also to think back on and be grateful for our fore-bearers and their foresight (ha, I said it!) so the bloggy-blog reflects that for now. I had some formatting trouble with the header and the width of the whole page, but oh-well.
Today I did things, as the title mentions, that I love to do and things that I don't heart so much.
Things that I don't like to do that I did today:
*picked up a prescription: the pharmacy line is always as slow as frozen molasses.
*got my brows done: if left to their own devices, my eyebrows would span from eyelashes to hairline. This may be an exaggeration, but not by much. My friend Monica first took me to the place I like to go to. It's an Indian grocery store in the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/El Camino area. Yes, I said grocery store. They have a side room where women do threading. You can read about the process here. I ♥ threading because it's not hot, scented wax that might aggravate my skin (it certainly isn't completely pain-free, though!). I keep driving out to this grocery store despite the trafficky 15 minutes it takes me because it doesn't annoy my skin and because it's the best deal in town; $8 for brows! Threading has seen some popularity in recent years, popping up in mall kiosks and beauty salons but it's waaaaay more than my $8 and these grocery store ladies are good so I'll keep going back. I don't like the drive or the little pinpricks of threading out hair, but it's near my pharmacy which was where I was today anyway and I feel just great after so there I went.

Things I did that I like to do:
*went to the farmers market downtown & bought fresh/local fruits and veggies and Thai BBQ sticks for lunch
*went shopping briefly with a friend...that's you Audrey!
*ate Vietnamese food for dinner (grilled pork with rice noodles-yummy!)
*watched an old repeat of Law & Order SVU...I always want to say SUV, ha!
*took Guinness around the block
*caught up with a couple of other good friends ☺

The things I like list is longer than the other list; woo hoo!

Mikey Mike comes home tomorrow and the wedding planning continues; I'm really excited <3

xoxo, natty ♥

PS my mom and I found her a cute and colorful dress, nice enough for a wedding and casual enough for a backyard; now for the shoes!


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