Friday, July 15, 2011


This is my 100th post y'all {channeling Paula Deen here, in case you haven't noticed}!
I am so glad I do this blog. The readership may be limited but that's not my goal. What I aim to do is purely selfish; I need to remember my days. I've said it before and I maintain that it's super easy for me to forget little details and time just seems to go faster and faster every day {case in point: where has my summer vacation gone?!?!}. I'm grateful to be able to read back about mundane things I did or was thinking about; I'm hoping I'll be even more thankful for this in later seasons of my life when the landscape has changed {children hopefully, different jobs, more education, different cities, more wrinkles, etc.}. I look forward to remembering what this time was like and to continuing my recordings of what's going on. Hopefully that made sense written the way it does in my mind!
I could do a "100 things about me" sort of thing. Maybe I will tomorrow? I am more drawn, though, to committing to 100 more blog posts. Ideally that would be 100 more days since I've been sticking to this everyday situation. That would take us to...wait for it...October 23rd, 2011. As an aside that would be 50 days after our wedding. A good goal for us as a couple and for me as a blogger I suppose! Ha!
Anyway, here's to 100 more and a great weekend☺!
xoxo, natty ♥
***Addendum*** Oh shoot! After I posted this I double checked the count of posts on the left and it says I'm at 99; ha! When I go to my log-in screen though, it says I have 100. Yikes. Despite my desire for accountability, I'm not going to individually count each, sorry, rather I'll just do something 100 related tomorrow as well. Does that sound good? Yes, I agree, it sure does. Until then...


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