Friday, July 1, 2011

Phone ridiculousness.

I'm constantly baffled by just how vast the internet is; it is seemingly endless in its offers, online communities, shopping, love connections, Google and Lord knows what else. I kind of feel as though the only thing that rivals the interwebs for possibilities that go on forever is human creativity; without said creativity there would be no World Wide Web. So, the two together is like two mirrors facing each other, the images continue into infinity and so do technology and the weirdness that you can find online. 
I put "smart phones" into the category of technology/internet/the beginning of the end. I also include the growing number of phone "applications" {I've always eschewed the word "apps"; I'm not big on abbreviation}; there are just so freaking many: useful, funny, pointless, macabre and the beat goes on.
Every once and a while, when laying prone on the couch watching a re-run mystery with my grandmother, I'll browse the "app" store on my phone just to see what there is. I'll download the free ones; they're free and it's a lark. Once and a while I'll splurge on the 99 cent ones. I did this a few nights ago and found some interesting stuff. First of all, when I mentioned "macabre" above, I'm referring to the Casey Anthony trial -follower applications {yes, there are two} {barf} that I stumbled upon.
Secondly, I ended up downloading one in the "very, very pointless" category. It's called "Top Girl":
Maybe it is useful after all, it's meant to help young women succeed by practicing useful life skills using a hand-held interface and realistic graphics. Upon joining, you have to choose your looks {totally true-to-life}.
Then you can dress yourself with your limited wardrobe. You can get more clothes as you work more and get paid.
Little notes pop up telling you where to go. Your options are: your closet, the modeling agency where you start as as assistant, the clothing & accessory store, the club {to meet boyfriends} & the cafe {to get energy in the form of caffeinated beverages or candy so that you can work more to get money to buy clothes or gifts for your boyfriends}.
Being career-minded, I went straight to work.

Then I ran out of energy so I went to the club to "snag a boyfriend". I checked the stats of the veterinary assistant and ended up with another guy. We went on dates.

By this point, I had run out of money to buy gifts for my boyfriend since I needed to buy more clothes to work. Working, though, had depleted my energy but I had no money to afford my coffee and candy so I went to the ATM and when I got there, I was met with this:
It's not really free! I was flabbergasted. I could no longer play without spending real money and reality is exactly what I'm trying to avoid in downloading stuff like this. What bothers me, though, is that people.get.away.with.this. Also, people.get.paid.for.this. 
In conclusion: the internet is crazy.
xoxo, natty ♥


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