Friday, July 22, 2011

On the side...part last for now!

Finishing up...though if I add any in the future I'll be sure to mention as I go.

Day Workers Journal is the blog of a local Day Workers Center that I've talked about before HERE. This is an amazing organization that needs and deserves all the support and recognition that it can get. This blog is especially awesome because it's the actual laborers who keep it. They had a class given on blogging and they began one for the Center; how cool is that? Super cool!

[Mr. Goodwill Hunting] is not a Gus Van Sant fanatic blog, it's a very savvy thrifting blog. This dude knows how to wade through a Salvation Army and come out with two new outfits and a Chippendale {not the dancers y'all, I hope you know this...} something and you all know this sort of thing is near and dear to my heart.

Mimi's Muñeca, after some Blogger profile stalking I found that my friend Monica changed her blog name...caught! She's one of my besties and we went to high school together. She writes about fun stuff, fashion. Monica focuses on local fashion which is great because we can't all live in NYC, LA or Paris and we still deserve to kick up our heels in style.

Last summer an amazing person passed away. Her death has been weighing on me recently because it'a almost been a year and I still feel cheated, as though something unfair happened without any warning. She worked with me and from the first day we met I liked her {it doesn't hurt that she and I shared a love of dachshunds...}. She was very kind and always remembered a few tidbits about everyone so that when you saw her she would ask you questions of your life, making you realize that some people really listen when you speak and that she was one of them. I loved her and I loved working with her. She was diagnosed with cancer and fought valiantly over the summer but it wasn't enough. Our community reeled from the sudden loss as did her beautiful and loving family. Her struggle was documented at Our Rene and I keep up her blog because I go back to it once and a while. I actually kept some emails from her at work too, the ones that go out to everyone, just to read through those from time to time too. She is so missed.

I don't want to end on a sad note. Rene loved life and would be loving this summer with the crazy weather we've been having. This week it warmed up again; today is beautiful and she'd want us all to go out and go!

xoxo, natty ♥


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