Thursday, July 28, 2011

Falafel & fun.

I had such a good and full day today! I ran with some friends this morning at Rancho San Antonio which was lovely. Our team in high school ran here everyday so I know the place and the different trails very well. On my own, though, I don't ever go out there {it's about 15 minutes away} because I'm just too lazy to do the drive and the sooner I get running the better the chance is that I actually do my run. However, whenever I go I am so happy I do since it's beautiful and full of wildlife and good smells.
I met up with other friends for coffee and we talked about back to school meetings and schedules and whatnot. I've really made an effort to meet up with people this summer and I'm loving it. I have great friends at work and ALWAYS miss them on vacation; yea for getting out of our vacation dens and doing things together!
Then {I'm into the italics tonight, can't you tell?} I met up with another friend for falafels and movie watching {Chocolat...Johnny Depp...le sigh...side note, this movie is already over 10 years old? It's also suuuccccchhh a cute, sweet & fun flick to take in; very "feel good" to use a movie promoting phrase I dislike but which applies quite well to this film} and nail making. "Making" not "painting" since we used those Sally Hanson sticker thingies. I actually went ahead and did the one mis-matched nail that Mimi mentioned HERE earlier. These stickers are super fun and last a bit longer if you put on a clear coat over them anduse a bit-o-caution when doing things with the ole fingers and hands.
My pink and brown zebra fleece bathrobe for the win!
Whaddya think?! I'm pleased and I suppose that's all that really matters since they're my fingertips; ha!
Anyway, good night y'all...this was a late post and I'm ready for some shut eye {socializing all day really takes it out of me}. I'm super grateful for all friends tonight, work related and otherwise {of course!}.
xoxo, natty ♥


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