Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the side...part III.

Continuing from yesterday...

Smitten Kitchen is a cooking blog. This lady does amazing things, beautiful things, basic cooking and beyond, from her tiny NYC kitchen. This means there's no excuse, y'all, to not cook when I know that our stove and kitchen are loads bigger AND we have a dishwasher. She's a talented chef and whips up some zingers.

Bakerella is super famous thanks to her cake pops. As her title implies, she does mostly baked goods and she does them beautifully.

Better After is SO.MUCH.FUN to read through. This woman does no renovations herself but somehow got it started that people send their before and after pictures to her. It's not personal beauty makeovers, it's mostly pieces of furniture but there are many room re-dos and even some house ones as well. Again, it's a blast to see what people have done {on their own, usually, mind you} and be inspired.

The King and the Bird is my friend Ev's blog. She and her hubby are super sweet and relatively new to the area AND they're expecting a bambino soon!

Until tomorrow!
xoxo, natty ♥


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