Thursday, July 14, 2011

Change of plans, some random thoughts.

I had been gearing up to rant about where we live. The weather has been a bit cooler than I like {think 70s} and I had recently, out of curiosity, checked out home prices here {Bay Area} compared to where we went to college and to where Mike's family lives {AZ}. These two things were enough to get me going, oddly enough, on how cold and unaffordable it is where we live. Especially when it's at least twice as much as those other two places {whiles salaries there are not half as much as they are here}. Which is silly. It's beautiful here, there's not 80% humidity and 80 degree days nor do we even get snow. We're within several hours of the beach, mountains, redwoods, what have you. Anyway, I got over it. It is still so expensive, though...
Since I've been all over the place blogging-wise recently {which is exactly the beauty of a personal blog hee hee} I'll continue on that jag. 
I wish there were a way to reference articles within a blog post much how one is able to do on facebook which is precisely how I noticed this article this morning
Click on the fair Duchess of Cambridge or the link below her to read the article. It's about panty-hose! ¡Qué ridículo ja ja ja! {quick, what movie is that quote from?!?!} Oh my goodness the last time I wore any was like the eighth grade and they were egg shell colored! We used to have this fashion show in high school and my friends wore some to the try-outs we all went to {now that's <>}. The overly chic model-teacher {?} told them to take them off! Maybe, though, they'd be fun to try out? What do you think?  I don't often wear closed-toed anything except running shoes and that just wouldn't work.
My aunt and I are going to a Silpada sale today; fun!
Happy Thursday!
xoxo, natty ♥


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