Sunday, July 3, 2011

Valley of the Sun.

It's more like Valley of the Really Really Strong Sun. We're in Phoenix visiting Mr.Mike's parents and having a great time. I actually ran outside yesterday morning. That was before the mercury hit 118 {woah!} and it was really early. Honestly, though, I'm loving the weather. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm perpetually cold. Cold fingers, cold nose, cold toes; I'm used to it all. Phoenix, however, warms me from the inside-out. I haven't been cold once since Friday night. This may sound bizarre, but it's me.
Like I said, we came to visit with family and have a good 'ole time. Yesterday my future-mother-in-law and I got the invitations just about ready to go (♥!), we hung out and ate at one of Mike's favorite restaurants. Today we're having a BBQ today for the holiday since Mike's brother has to go back to where he lives tomorrow.
We're getting ready for our grill out right now and I'm trying to get people into the pool to cool us down even though the water is in the 90s {just the way I like it!}- wish me luck!
That's all for now =)
xoxo, natty ♥
My lovely step-mom is traveling around the world this weekend to visit her home country; have a wonderful time Leah!!!


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