Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the side...part II.

Oh my good Lord I am but STEEPED in wedding crafting and planning. I started last night with these cuties:

and then I just couldn't sleep my mind was racing's the day-of set-up going to happen? We need to make signs to direct people here and there. How will I ever go back to work right before the wedding?!?! I need to finish planning our centerpieces. What about programs?!?!? I actually ended up working on programs today...just about all day. I feel like some sort of computer junkie, still in my running clothes from this morning on the couch all day playing around with digital graphics and formatting and not stopping to eat! It's fun, though, and I'm blessed that I have these days where I can dedicate the majority of my time to selfish pursuits. Until August 17th, that is, when work meetings start...

Moving on...I'm adding to the explanations from yesterday. I'll do this until I'm done. Today it's the next four {I need to do more than just three at a time in order to finish in a timely manner y'all} and without further ado:

MADE is a blog I snuck onto from a new friend's blog {to come tomorrow or the next day}. This woman can sew! Learning the skill is on my list...not a bucket list but more of like a "in the next few years" list {which means I just need to suck it up and do it NOW otherwise it won't happen...maybe an "after the wedding" list is a good compromise}. I digress. She does an amazing job of making super cute things for herself and her kiddos and she has pretty straight-forward tutorials.

The Pioneer Woman is a good friend but she just doesn't know it. This lady is known far and wide not just online since she has published several books. I just love her casual way of speaking and her sincerity. The blog is CHOCK FULL of tidbits, not just quotidian musings, so give yourself some time here. As an aside, the New Yorker wrote a fascinating profile on her that belies her down-home image and points out just how dang hard working she is and has to be in order to maintain her blog and it's many shoot-off endeavors. Amazing. Plus, I have an agrarian fantasy and reading this fulfills it vicariously.

Apartment Therapy is a blog that I haven't explored much because I find their format to be a bit confusing {shh, please don't tell, they're HUGE and could gobble me up} but I keep them up there on the ole blogroll because I mean to get to know them better. They have way-cool peeks into beautiful, adorable, funky, DIY, decorated, un-decorated and inspiring homes.

Young House Love is a recent addition. I stumbled across this one from some random blog, as is how new ones are found. It is kept by a, you guessed it, young couple! They chronicle their home renovation projects {including an at-home wedding}. The amount of information can be a bit overwhelming since they usually post twice a day and the subject is Home-Depot-ey. After reading through a few of their posts, though, the tips and tutorials these two churn out are fabulous; they're for the little people like me! It's groovy to see that I could do the things that they do and that it's much easier than one might think. Plus, they have a cute baby.

***Disclaimer...these blog peoples have nada idea who I am {except for my friends...I hope} and I ain't getting no thang for gabbing about them, I just dig what they do and want to spread the word***

That's it folks, for today, this later than usual this summer poster needs to s l o w down her mind and eat dinner. Should I continue program planning after I eat? I have just one more part to finish and then that's it for tonight, I promise to self, and then relaxing without a screen since I have an early am date with Mike tomorrow. We're doing our long run on Thursday this week since he's traveling over the weekend. Wish us luck.
Over and out.
xoxo, natty ♥


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