Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And what will you have on the side?

I love reading blogs. There are so many out there; ones that haven't been updated in ten years, daily ones, legitimate NPR ones, ones by friends, big famous ones, Wordpress ones, really plain ones, really fancy ones...I did something to get the little toolbar at the top of my blog to go away but on other blogs where it still is I'll sometimes just click the "Next Blog" button to see what Blogger can give me. 
It's voyeuristic, for sure, to read other people's blogs {rather than a one connected to a business or something like that} but it feels somehow better than facebook since there's reading involved {am I wrong?}. What gave me the idea to start my own was seeing how many exist and realizing that I can do whatever.I.want.to with my blog. Actually, It technically started when I google imaged Chris Martin of Cold Play and the image I clicked on was from someone's personal blog. I read it for a bit and then clicked on a link to someone else's blog and then another and the rest is history.
Many personal blogs I've stumbled upon have one or several blogrolls. That's the list of other blogs the writer enjoys reading and it goes along the side. Mine right now is to the left <=. It used to be to the right =>. I should probably make a separate heading for each type of blog I follow since they go into different categories but I think that the number is still few enough to keep them all under one list. 
Anyway, I thought I'd explain the ones on my list since they're just there without any explanation. For today I'll start with the top three. Their order changes everyday according to what's the most recent and it even tells you below the title of the blog how long ago it was updated so that you don't need to check by going to the blog to see if there's been a new posting {ingenious!}. You can click on the bold title or just find it on the blogroll.

Miles and Laurel is my friend Rebecca's blog. She's a great writer and posts about the every-days in her life much like I do but with more eloquence. She lives in the city where we met in college and I love reading about her adventures there.

Awkward Family Photos makes me laugh out loud by myself. Check it out! There's a pet offshoot as well.

Operation Beautiful is sweet. People {mostly teen-aged girls, which is basically what I am} write post-it style notes that tell people they're beautiful and worth it and all sorts of good things. They then leave these notes in public places. This blog is where the movement started and where pictures of the notes are posted. Great for a bit of a boost =).

There you have it! I hope you have as much fun creeping around in the blogosphere as I do. I'll finish this up by the end of the week!
xoxo, natty ♥


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