Sunday, July 10, 2011

An assortment of things.

I have not a whole lot to report about this weekend. We Obon-ed it up yesterday {refer to posts from earlier this week}, did some yard work, got really sore from that yard work, searched for wedding bands,, went to Costco and decided that tonight we'll get pizza for dinner. That's about it and moving on to other, random things...
I came to a realization the other day; I don't think I announced that Mike and I are getting married. I might have but don't feel like looking back through the annals of history. I believe that I just started to mention it here and there as it pertained to my days and going-ons. What a blip! So...
my dude and I are getting married!!!
It happened in October last year over a wonderful weekend. I just couldn't be happier to be with my right hand man for the rest of our lives. We've had an amazing time together for over five years and look forward to many, many more. It's been so much fun to think about how we'll be spending those years and to plan our big day which kicks them off {and which is rapidly approaching at the end of my summer vacation; yea!}. 
This was us the day after he popped the question. And I said yes. Obviously.

Like I mentioned, the most recent wedding related adventure has been looking for bands and working on the yard which is an integral space for our day. My body aches now from that work.
Another random tid-bit {I know, this post is so disjointed}is the Harry Potter biz-nass. I've been a fan since I was in high school when I started reading the books and would schlep myself out to buy the new ones as they were released. I've never gotten into the movies, though. In anticipation of the last movie coming out, I've decided to watch them all before. Also, to read to all too. With what time you ask? It's summer after all! Plus, I can fold laundry and craft my nuptial decorations in front of a tv. I started the first book last night. ABC family has been playing all the movies this weekend and the mr has been watching {ha!} but that's too disjointed for me so I'll watch each one after I finish a book? Again, I am one of the lamest people I know.
We're invited to a HP party this coming Friday where everyone will leave to see a late showing and I'll beg Mike to go home and let me sleep; it's safe to say that I'll probably see it during the day at some point. We will, however, be dressing up.
As you can see in this picture

Mike has been growing out a beard. It's getting scraggly. It's perfect for this costume:
I was thinking of going as a house elf but decided on this idea that I got from my friend Kathy
via, via.
Only Harry Potter fans should be able to guess what my costume even means.
Guinness will also be in attendance. I'll be sacrificing a couple of Good Will stuffed animals and something to attach their heads on.
Are you doing anything interesting for the movie release? Do you have a favorite book/movie of the series? {Mine is the last one I think, I love closure.}
I haven't been feeling super great all day so we're finishing off the weekend easy and I hope that you are too!
xoxo, natty ♥


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