Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I love Arizona. The California/Sonoran/Arizonan deserts are some of the most beautiful places on earth to me and, as previously alluded to, I am no small fan of high temperatures. Give me warmth, warmth and more warmth! I had never been to Phoenix in the middle of summer, though, and I was so excited to experience the heat. I was not disappointed. Again, as mentioned earlier, it hit 118 on Saturday which even I'll admit was toasty. The skies, though, were beautiful. 
I don't know if it's a this time-of-year-thing, with the heat and wind that comes up, or if there was something funky going on with storms in the distance, but I was loving it.
The storm never really came to us, but it sure did threaten to.


Those clouds are so dark! I'm still on a phone-camera kick, by the way, so don't mind the low quality; I can upload them directly to photobucket from my phone and it's just easy. Some day I'll have a nice computer that can't handle loading pictures AND a really nice camera. 
We had a Fourth of July family get-together on the 3rd since Mike's brother left on the 4th. There was a ton of food including home-made ice cream which was DELICIOUS {thanks Kathy!} and everyone had a great time.
This is us right before people came over, we had just gone for a dip.

When Monday night rolled around we went to watch fireworks and ended up on the side of a small road with plenty of other people. The show was great, not too close so the noise was manageable but close enough to enjoy {I ♥ fireworks, fyi}. We were serenaded by a small child singing Katy Perry's Firework over and over again. We were also in the middle of a dust storm. They're called "haboobs". Read about it HERE, though this one actually happened yesterday; ours was a bit less intense.
It was a fabulous weekend. I'm super lucky to have such a great second family through Mike and I love spending time with them.
To top it off, the mr and I went to a local snow cone place that we like. I got cherry-lime with cream and he got lemon-lime; yum!

I love the patriotic touch!
xoxo, natty ♥


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